Monarch is Closing September 1, 2016

Dear Families,

We are writing with a lot of sadness, but also clarity, this evening. Randi and I are moms of 11 kids between us. We have given A LOT of our time and energy to Monarch Webwork for the past 18 months. While we believe that we could weather the low enrollment this year and build Monarch into a large school in the coming years, we simply don't have the energy to do so. Our families miss us! Building a sustainable business in the education market and competing with free schools and free teachers at commonwealth schools, makes it very difficult to make this model work. We understand completely the difficulties of affording a quality education (it's part of why we started Monarch in the first place). But the realities of the market combined with the stresses of running this company have made it obvious to Randi and I that we can no longer make this work.

We  know that many of you have come to depend on Monarch.  There is a possibility that Grammar, Logic Level History, Grammar and Logic Level Literature, and Grammar and Logic Writing will be available directly from the mentors. The mentors are still weighing the changes and will decide in the first few days of next week. If they choose to go forward we will give you their contact information right away.

You can email us at if you have interest in these classes still.

We are refunding your money for any classes and or pledges that you have signed up for. You should see this in your account in the next 48 hours.

We apologize for the late notice and assure you that we had no idea our company would be in this position until this month when we simply didn't have enough enrollment to justify the time for the classes.

We wish each of you the best and hope that your homeschooling journeys will continue to be wonderful.

Shelley and Randi